Saturday, 10/27/18   Ute History Museum – GIS for K12 STEM  Esri_HistoryColorado_2018Workshops (1)-1imc1jn

Saturday 11/3/18 CMU Ballroom – Giant Maps for K12 Educators

Friday 11/9/18 – Colorado Science Conference – Denver Merchandise Mart – Martian Mapping and Colorado Geo-Inquiry

March 2nd,  2019 – Girls in STEM Conference – Mission to Mars!

Welcome to the resource page for your National Geographic Geo-Inquiry Training! 

Here is a summary of the links and resources for the Geo-Inquiry portion of your teacher summit training!  

Sunday – Introduction to Geo-Inquiry

Resource Purpose Link or Location
Geo-Inquiry Process National Geographic Resources to implement NG Geo-Inquiry within a classroom
Our Geo-Inquiry Video The West Middle School Geo-Inquiry Materials Heidi’s Materials: Mike’s Video:
The 4th Second To show excitement for using GeoInquiry within your classroom!

Monday- ASK and COLLECT

Resource Purpose Link or Location
Ask Video To establish questions. Tubric
Collect Video To establish how to collect 2 types of data: scientific and storytelling
WMSSTEMGJ Human Ecosystem Paperwork See an example of work organizational project support See PDF Below.
Survey 123 To gather data using GIS technology

Survey for GeoInquiry Institute

Make a survey using Survey123 You will need your ArcGIS login for Survey 123

WMSSTEMGJ Geo-Inquiry PBL -15wq43o Tuesday – COLLECT con’t

Resource Purpose Link or Location
Vertical Video Syndrome Vertical Video how not-to’s
Rule of 1/3rds Photo how to’s


National Geographic Certified Educator Phase 1 Workshop STORYMAPS Database 


Resource Purpose Link
Visualize Video To identify how to visualize data.
Various Map Resources Maps, Graphs, Charts, infographics. Google “Google My Maps” GISETC – GeoInquiries
Heidi’s Helpful MapTime Training Handout Lots of visualizing
Create Video Step 4 of GeoInquiry
Act Video Final GeoInquiry Step
Padlet Collaborative Story Boarding
Google Drawing and/or Google Slides Story Boarding G-Suite or Google Drive
Paper Stuff that is made from trees that we can put our brain’s ideas upon!
Map Video In French

Google Earth Timelapse Change Matters – Landsat 



Final Survey123!!! 

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