Speed PBL Technology Resources

You could check out these resources as you build your case for a 5 minute passing period!

These are too cool!

Drawing on a Google Map:  http://quikmaps.com/

Create a drawing and have it playback as a movie:  http://sketchfu.com/

Make webs from words or ideas:  http://mindomo.com/

Another Webbing site: http://bubbl.us/

Create a floorplan:  http://floorplanner.com/

Create a 3 minute video of your desktop.  http://www.screenjelly.com

How to make a google earth “Tour” or “Movie” and fly from building to building: http://earth.google.com/support/bin/static.py?page=guide.cs&guide=22379

Here’s a link to the GJHS map (find page 46) : http://gjhs.mesa.k12.co.us/documents/10-11FinalStudentHandbookl.pdf

Click here to access a copy of the : acceleration lab



How to turn in the Entire Project! See the format below.

Team Project Proposal Turn In Format

(email to Heidi.ragsdale@d51schools.org ):

Formal Letter Format:  (See Rubric Attached) Recipient’s AddressDear. . . . . ,

We are concerned citizens because. . . . . . . . . . . . . (what you know)  100 words.

Based on our evidence . . . . . . . . .  (10 facts)   300 words.

In Conclusion. . . . . . . . (100 words).


  1. Letter with facts


Dear GJHS-

We’ve come to the consensus that there is a dire need for a 5 minute passing period. Here is our evidence for this investigation! 

Here’s our reasoning and why,. . .(10 facts)

In conclusion, . . . .


All student names 


2.  Data Table or Graph with speeds.

3.  Links to projects you’ve created. . . (Screen Jelly tours, Google Earth Tour saved and uploaded) including your map of school grounds.

4. Diagram (web) or page list with 50 speed examples.

 5. Grade the Work Habits of your peers using a chart similar to this chart:  (Complete this as a group.)


Group Member Total Effort (Input to Group) (1-4) Time on Task(1-4) Attitude(1-4) Comments (Which task did they do. . . map, letter, list of 50 ideas)



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