Physical and Chemical Changes


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PSA’s for Students


How to make a PSA

Impact of Plastic Bottles

Human Society

Recycling Ad

Environmental PSA


Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle:

How to keep plastics out of the ocean:

Plastic Ocean:



Chemical and Physical   Changes

Animation Activities

Watch these two videos   first, then do your animations worksheet.

          A:  Property Changes Brain Pop                               B:  Matter   Changing State Brain Pop


Activity   1:

Elements/Compounds/Mixtures   Oh My!

Activity   2: Fill     in the space
Activity   3:Physical and Chemical Changes Activity   4:  Heating     Matter
Activity   5:  Chemical     Equations Activity   6: Chemistry   of Art
Activity   7: Making     Molecules (Chemical Changes)  Activity   8:  Chemical     Reactions Simulation
Activity   9Periodic Table  Activity   10: Acid     Rain on Venus vs. Earth
Activity   11: Chemistry     of the Sun Activity   12: Making     Soda
Activity   13: Dissolving Activity   14: Polymers
Changes Jeopardy Changes Millionaire Game
Chemical Changes Games Energy   Forms/Changes Animation
Chemical Changes Flashcards Reactants   and Products Animation
Balancing   Chemical Equations Gas Properties   Animation
Periodic Table Live Periodic   Table Jeopardy!

Alternative Activities

(when finished with 1-12)


Interviews   with Chemists

Food   Science

Alien Juice Bar – Acids and Bases


Physical and Chemical ChangES

PLastic StoryMap

Hawaiian Island Cleanup StoryMap



A: Molecules Memory Game 

B: Climate Model with Molecules

C: National Parks and Pollution Story Map 

D: Climate Sensitivity with Molecules 

E. Particle Adventure

F. AirNow Students 

G. CK–12  Online workbook! 

Mrs. Ragsdale’s MAVEN MISSION- NASA site!


Berkeley National Laboratory Summer 2013
Berkeley National Laboratory Summer 2013





Changes Unit Plan








                                Above   and Beyond Activities!

Chemical Changes Games

Chemical Changes Flashcards

Energy   Forms/Changes Animation

Balancing   Chemical Equations

Reactants   and Products Animation

Gas Properties   Animation


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