1 week down!

Well looks like we successfully made it through our first week of school and are plunging right into the 2nd week!!!
Last week, we discussed making observations in science and we set up our science notebooks.
This week we are learning about fact vs. inference and how this is important in the world of science. Students you will be designing an experiment and then completing your experiment on Friday this week.
Look for these entries into your notebook this week:                

                       1. Author’s Page                  pg. 1
                       2. Table of Contents           pg. 3-7
                       3. Fact vs. Inference          pg. 8-9
                       4. Scientific Method Review and Foldable      pg. 11
                       5. Lab Write-up Outline p. 12

                        6.   Windbag Experiment      p. 13

Check out the Notebook slideshow if you need great examples!

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