CAMP M.E.S.A.!!!!

Thank you OH SO MUCH from all of the West Middle School Students to our friends, family, and community volunteers who helped make Camp M.E.S.A. possible!  This was our first-ever camping trip and it was a blast! 

We began our Water-Themed adventure with a trek to the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Facility just past the mall!  There we were led by Mr. Jay Vancil on a tour to see how wastewater from our toilets, showers, sinks, and washers arrives at the facility and is processed mechanically and chemically to remove solid waste from our water.  (THEY REALLY ENJOYED THE SMELL OF THE WASTEWATER TOUR-see the picture below!!!)


 We ended the tour with a look at the Colorado River which meets and is combined with the facility’s processed and cleaned water. Students were amazed to know that the sludge from just north of where the water was entering the river was in fact the same water that was so dirty to begin with. From the Persigo plant, we headed out to learn even more about plants of the biologic kind. The Master Gardener volunteers of the Colorado State University Extension led a field trip through the Ute Ethanybotany gardens where students learned about how the Utes lived off the land for so many years, and how we use plants today. 


From the Ute Gardens, we travelled up canyon to Island Acres Campsite. For the next two full days, students had a variety of classes spanning from Water in the Grand Valley, and Aquatic Biology (led by volunteers Sarah and Reese  from the John McConnell Math and Science Center)  to Orienteering, Photography, Knot tying and Sand Painting. 


Students finished their Water-themed fieldtrip, by taking a dunk in the brand new Mesa State pool! 

A HUGE  (And We Mean HUGE!) thanks to Terri Costeldia for her AWESOME help in planning, preparation, moving equipment, first aid, tent staking, water boiling, kid patrol helping GREATNESS!!!!   We could not have done the trip without you!!!!


Thanks to the following volunteers for spending great time with us!   Jon Ragsdale, Gretchen Schlechten, Doug Fledderjohn, Ruth Ness, JoEllen Foutz, Lisa Palmer, Mrs. Dykes-Radcliff, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Karl Castleton, Mr. Newton, Kay Ragsdale, Sam Ragsdale, Mrs. Kinson, and Mr. McKee!

Thanks to the following individuals for donating supplies and/or time and talent!  Cyn-Dee Chaney, Anthony Calacino, Kyle Dunn, Krystal Foutz, Andrew Foutz, AJ Schlechten, Frank McGee – Division of WIldlife, Julie and Heidi-State Park Rangers, Jon Ragsdale (all around support), Sarah and Reese -John McConnell Math and Science Center, MCVSD 51- for digital camera use, John McConnell Math and Science Center-solar and geology science kits, Bryan Bell-Use of Safari Club Kit, Mrs. Moran for her Tipi setting-up greatness, Vicki Sommerville for first aid kits, Mike Warner -East Middle School river study kits, Mrs. Schlechten for Hot Cocoa and licorice, Mr. and Mrs. Fluegge for S’mores fixings, Mr. Riggle for leather tools, and Rick & Ann Peterson for donated leather for our name badges!


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