So if you’ve ever thought about why your cell phone dies, why you only have service in certain areas, or why some cell phones heat up spontaneously, then you are an Energy Expert!  Energy is the ability of something to do work.  It’s all around us, constantly moving, transferring, and changing form. It helps us move, moves our stuff, lights our life, and we know it’s there, but often don’t remember that!  In this unit,  we will discover the difference between energy in motion, KINETIC ENERGY, vs. stored energy (or energy of position), which is known as POTENTIAL ENERGY.barbie

Energy is constantly being transferred between the different forms of energy such as: electrical, stored gravitational, mechanical, and chemical, to name a few of them.

Check out some of the amazing Energy demonstration applications found in the “UNIT 2: ENERGY” tab on the right!

Check out this picture from our Barbie Bungee, where we figured out how Barbie has Potential and Kinetic Energy!

Energy Video


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