WACKY WEATHER or NOT for Spring Break?

Well we’ve finished up all that we can learn about Astronomy and are quickly gaining up spring break!  And with spring break, part of being a Coloradan you may realize, is that there is not always predictable weather. Some years we can play outside in shorts, tanktops, and flipflops, while other times we’re prisoners in our own homes because of massive amounts of rain and snowfall. WIth spring we just don know what we’ll get.

So, what does this all have to do with science you ask, well then, let me tell you about our next unit: Weather and Climate!  This is one of my most favorite units for students!  There are some amazing events that can happen in our Atmosphere and they all have to do pressure. For this unit, we will begin learning about how pressure above us, leads to a variety of weather events and how that relates to the climate where a person lives.

To wrap up the unit, we will look at how severe weather events around the globe affect populations of people and why we need to stay safe under these conditions.

Check back soon for information on the Weather/Climate Homework assignment! And maybe by then, we’ll be able to forecast the weather for your spring break!

WEATHER TRIVIA TIME!:  What event  in Grand Junction in the summer of 2012 showed us the effects of a winter full of high humidity? Email Mrs. Ragsdale the correct answer for a fun prize! heidi.ragsdale@d51schools.org


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