This week we’ve taken a look at how and why objects are able to move!  We’ve applied the learning from the forces unit and have begun our final unit for the first semester: ENERGY!  Energy can be found all around us and in all objects. It comes in two different types: Potential Energy, which is stored energy, and Kinetic Energy, which is energy of motion. Both of these types of energy have several forms that they take on and we will begin looking more closely at that in the coming weeks. Energy is transferred all around us and at all times from using electricity from coal, solar, wind, and water produced electicity from powerplants to making toast for breakfast, or from chewing and digesting food to having energy to participate in sports, you should have a basic understanding of energy transformation among objects. This week, we’ve completed the Pendulum lab to gain a general understanding of potential and kinetic energy examples.  I also introduced you to the Energy Skate Park simulation, which demonstrates the energy transfers within a skating situation. Click here for a link to the Energy Skate Park.

And enjoy some pictures from the Pendulum Lab.

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