Forms of Energy!

Chemical, mechanical, and Heat, oh my!  Sound familiar? Hopefully so! This week, we’re taking a closer look at the different forms of energy that are found.  Potential Forms of energy include: chemical, nuclear, elastic, electrical, and gravitational. And kinetic forms include: mechanical, heat, light, and sound energy. In the soon future, we will look more closely at energy resources and where we get our energy from in two categories: renewable energy and non-renewable energy.

Here are some photos from our WindMill Build Lab. . . Students created windmill propeller blade designs to efficiently lift a mass of 50grams in a paper cup. In doing this activity students were asked to be able to identify examples of energy transfers within the machine.  The winning design went to class 2B’s  Tanner, Travis, Nathan, and Josh with a lift capability of 1002 grams. Second place went to two teams: 3A’s Michael, Ben, Jordan and Stockton, and 3B’s: Ridge, Bao, and Brian for 400g lifts. Third place design went to 2A’s: Madi, Aaron, Viviane, and Riley for a 350g lift!  Nice job by all teams!  Our future is a bright one if you renewable resource engineers  keep desinging great structures like we’ve seen in class this week!

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