May the Force Be with You!

Well we’ve just about concluded the first quarter and are ready to begin anew! 

Last quarter we used the methods of problem solving (used in the world of science) to solve problems based on motion.  We calculated speeds, ran laps, and even figured out how to create, read, and understand motion graphs. We learned that acceleration can be found by dropping objects (such as pencils, spoons, and erasers) at 2-second time intervals to find if we are slowing down or speeding up.  We concluded the Motion Unit by compiling speed information into a final assignment based on the possiblity of a change in passing period schedule times.  Your groups built your cases for longer passing periods and saved the passing period from losing a minute!  Nice work in groups overall, in all classes! 

This next unit (and quarter) we will look at the FORCES that cause motion as well as the ENERGY behind those forces. We’ll begin to understand the difference between potential and kinetic energy and we’ll wrap up the 2nd quarter with a look at a specific type of energy: Electricity! 

You’ve just had your first notebook check and hopefully you understand the difference between a complete and proficient notebook versus a non-complete notebook.  Here’s a look at some examples of great FORCE title pages. (See pictures below).


Also check out the new tab (to the right) which will help keep track of your notebook table of contents.

Check out this ESPN Sport Science videos on forces!

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