Should we have a shorter passing period?

Our current class work is amazing me every day of this assignment!!!  Students are working on a Problem Based Learning (PBL) Project which serves as the FINALE to the Motion Unit. Students are utilizing their speed calculation knowledge to build their case for the 5 minute passing period and students have been hard at work, diligently trying to collaborate their ideas to build a case against a 4 minute passing period versus the current 5 minute passing period at the high school. Students have been learning the in’s and out’s of several technology tools along the way.  Several groups of learners have created Google Earth tours of the high school to trace a simulated daily schedule, they’ve mapped out distances using the Google Earth ruler feature, and they’ve created data tables and graphs to demonstrate an overall understanding of walking speeds of students.   Groups have worked well together and that goes for ALL 8th grade classes!  I hope you feel proud of the work you’ve done so far in your 8th grade science class. . . just think of all the things you still get to learn this year!!!

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